On October 14th, the Fourth session of the Ninth of general assembly China Electrical Overhead Traveling Crane Committee was held in Changyuan International Convention Centre. This conference was hosted by China Electrical Overhead Traveling Crane Committee. Wang Jisheng who is the Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, Sun Jize who is the Chairman of China Electrical Overhead Traveling Crane Committee, Son Taijun who is the Director and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Changyuan Industrial Cluster District, 170 member organizations and 200 member organization representatives participated in the conference. GNORD Drive Systems (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GNORD Drive), which participated for the first time, made a report as corporate representative at the conference.

As GNORD Drive that made its first appearance, its sales director, Lu Chengbin, presented the GNORD brand and related products to the participants. Mr. Lu made a report named reducer application solution in overhead traveling crane and especially analyzed the application of GNORD reducer in garbage grab bridge crane.